Welcome to SANTUZZA Official Store. First registration can earn 10 points.

Points Policy

Earning Points

1.   Registering: New user can earn 10 points by registering an account in Santuzza. After successfully registering, 10 points will be automatically credited in your account.

2.   Purchase: Customer can earn points from order. Points are calculated based on the order total which is after discount and excluding shipping fee.       Every US$10 can earn 1 point.

For example: Total US$10 - $19.99, earn 1 point;

           Total US$20 - $29.99, earn 2 points;

           Total US$30 - $39.99, earn 3 points, and so on

*Please log in your account before place order, otherwise points from order unable to add to your account.

Spending Points

When customers check out an order, you can apply to use points for a better price. Below is the using rules:

1.   Customer need to login in your account, then you can use the point in your account when you place order;

2.   One point is equal to US$1;

3.   For every US$10 order amount (excluding shipping fee), can apply to use 1 point.

For example: US$10 - US$19.99, can use 1 point;

              US$20 - US$29.99, can use 2 points;

              US$30 - US$39.99, can use 3 points, and so on

4.   Customers can use less points than the available points in the order, when your points is not enough.

For example: Amount US$29, can use 1 or 2 points;

               Amount US$38, can use 1 or 2 or 3 points;


1.   Can I earn points every time I log in?

No, each account will only earn registration points from first registration. 

2.   Can I use and earn points in same order?

Yes, after using points, you still can earn points on this order.

3.   I buy a US$51 pendant, I use a US$39-3 coupon and 5 points on this order, how many points can I earn from this order?

After coupon and using points, the order total is US$43 [$51 - $3 - $5 = $43], so you can earn 4 points from this order.

4.   I have several accounts in Santuzza, can I collect points from different accounts? 

No, you cannot collect points from different account. We suggest you to use a single account to make all your purchase. 

5.   How to check my points?

Log in your account → Click “My Reward Points”  then you can see the total points in your account.

6.   I cannot apply to use the point when I place order?

There are two situations if you cannot apply to use point:

a.  The points you apply are more that the total points in your account.

b.  You did not log in your account.

If you have any other problem, please contact with us: san@santuzzajewelry.com